BarSalata – a well-dressed salad

BarSalata flips the salad bar to deliver something modern, different and oh so needed! Like its namesake –BarSalata– the menu blends East and West with Signature Salads that burst with innovation and taste. Salads get dressed up with gourmet dressings and refined finishes, elevating the humble salad to something extraordinary.

Customized salads are ordered via build your own menu and signature salads can be ordered a la carte with the suggested dressing or dressing of choice. Add a fresh blended juice or a light dessert and BarSalata can take you from breakfast to dinner. Who said the salad was just for lunch?

*Salata is the Arabic word for salad.


Better dressings

Your salad is only as healthy as the dressing you drizzle on it. At BarSalata, dressings are prepared form scratch – simple fresh ingredients that your taste buds will appreciate. It’s about getting back to basics, enjoying the taste of real food, free from processing and meddling.



Featured toppings

Black quinoa – It’s earthier and sweet-tasting than white quinoa. As with all quinoa varieties, it’s also gluten free and contains the same general benefits. Quinoa provides the perfect protein punch as it contains all 10 essential amino acids your body needs to build muscle. Likewise, it fills you up with fiber and supplies your body with folate and iron.

What’s happening

We’ve always got something new in the works – in a market, at the restaurant, here, there and everywhere in between. If you didn’t catch us at Market OTB, XYoga or Beach Canteen then stay tuned and find out where we’re heading next!


Giving back

At BarSalata, we are obsessed with how we can give back to our communities. Within our restaurant, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making vegetable eating easy and delightful for the guests we serve each day. Beyond that, we are just as dedicated to help people eat and live better.

In Ramadan 2016, BarSalata partnered with a local charity to provide the needy with humanitarian assistance. 25% of all proceeds from every Iftar and Suhoor package ordered during the month of Ramadan were donated to Dar Al Ber society.

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